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There is no better way to brand your company as being green
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Industry-level Solutions

We develop custom solutions for farmers, greenhouses, city farmers, indoor farms and even for underground planting.
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Industrial Hemp

Sustainable hemp seed, fiber and oil are still used in raw materials by major companies to make a wide variety of products.
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What we do

The aim of our project is to promote modern and already widespread around the world methods of growing plants in the Baltic countries.

The new level, to which science has moved on, allows creating ideal conditions for nutrition, lighting and growth for your favorite plants.

It is exactly these progressive methods - and everything necessary for their development - that we present to you in our project. We are convinced that the rapprochement of mankind with nature awakens its best feelings, since nature and mankind are inseparable, and each of us needs to have a connection with its original habitat. We can recreate this natural symbiosis when we take care of our favorite plants at home or in the garden. In turn, they always please us with their rapid growth, blossom and positive energy.

Nowadays, bad weather on the other side of a window can not limit a flight of our imagination. You can choose absolutely any plant you like, and get a result that surpasses all your expectations. It does not matter whether you are attracted to cacti, flowers, bonsai or fruit crops - now the experience of professionals is at hand for you too. Years of research and scientific work are invested precisely to pave the way to the plants of your dreams.


We produce very nice growalls for interior design. Different sizes, plants and styles. Our agricultural engineers are always ready to consult you and help to choose right solution for your room. Also it's possible to rent growalls for necessary period of time. No hustle, no dirt, no problems — we'll take care of all aspects before, during and after grawall is in your place.

Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions

We take a simplified, cost effective and creative approach to hydroponic gardening to promote fresh, healthy sustainability not only for the individuals but also for medium and large agricultural businisses. One major objective of hydroponics is to provide the ideal nutritional environment for optimum plant performance and support it with as much automatics as possible to reduce the cost of labor.


Our web-store is a place where you can securely search, select, and purchase quality name brand products without moving from your house or office. Offering a wide range of more than 5000 products: Aeroponics and hydroponics systems, propagator, lighting kits, fertilizers, etc. After much experience in this sector we have learned that it is necessary to carry out in-depth testing to evaluate all of aspects of products we offer including technical, duration, safety, performance, etc. For this reason we not only testing before putting the product on sale, but often using them in our own custom solutions.

Hemp Applications
Hemp Applications

Industrial hemp — hardy and renewable resource (one of the earliest domesticated plants known, with roots dating back to the Neolothic Age in China) was refined for various industrial applications, including paper, textiles, and cordage. Over time, the use of industrial hemp has evolved into an even greater variety of products, including health foods, organic body care, clothing, construction materials, biofuels, plastic composites and more. Learn what is possible to do and which products made of industrial hemp are accessible right here, right now.

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Who we are

Our small and friendly team unites the dedicated people who are always glad to be useful to our clients and partners.



In my childhood, working in the garden was an unpleasant duty for me and apparently the desire to optimize plant cultivation grew out of this attitude. Love towards plants has always accompanied me and I am glad to share it with our customers. In Aquaplant I am responsible for institutional and financial issues. The technical part of the projects is also on me.


I have always been interested in natural intricacies, cabbage and turnip always grew in our garden plot together with potato. A significant part of my childhood was spent in forest treks and rafting along the rivers. The favorite expression from childhood remains the phrase of the hero of Eno Raud’s book -  Naksitrallid (Three Jolly Fellows) - named Mokhovaya Boroda (Moss Beard), who used to say: "In nature, balance must prevail." Seeing how the current model of society destroys nature and, ultimately, itself, in the name of economic growth, one wants to ask, where is that "Homo Sapiens"? I’ve got myself to Aquaplant by coincidence, because it was the only shop where you could buy the necessary technologies for cultivating plants on hydroponics. On my ever-continuing path to obtain education in various fields I’ve got the profession of a gardener, where I acquired the necessary knowledge on plant growing, plant protection and related technology. In one of my visits to the store, Andrei offered me a job in Aquaplant, and since at that time I was passing a cardinal turn in my life, I decided to agree. I'm consulting customers here, sharing all my knowledge and skills with them, and offering them the best solutions based on their available funds. My interests include: aquaponics (plants + fish), ethnobotany, mycology, alternative medicine.



I like to work with plants, I think nature is amazing and inspiring.
My education and expertise include floral design, landscape architecture and environmental management.
It will be our pleasure to help with any project where a piece of nature is required.



Hi, fellow grower! My name is Rudolfs and I will provide your nececitties at shop here in Riga. I have giant respect against nature and I am looking forward to introduce it in urban environment. See you around!



Hey! I'm working so hard that I don't have enough time to write here about myself! Come and save me!

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