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We develop custom solutions for farmers, greenhouses, city farmers, indoor farms and even for underground planting.
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If you need automation in the field of plant growing, then you are on the right track. We are engaged in the design, development and production of automatic systems for plant cultivation. Based on your wishes, we shall assemble an ideal system, which you can control even remotely.
System development
System development
We use not only ready-made units and parts of mass production in our projects, but also our own products developed from scratch. Thus, we can be sure that the quality and functionality of the final product will be the best. We place emphasis on the reliability and durability of our products, so even after the end of the product warranty we provide the possibility of replacing broken or worn parts.
Deployment and integration
Deployment and integration
Quick and correct on-site connection of the system is an important stage. It provides both the correct operation of the equipment and the peace of mind of the client. By entrusting us with the assembly of the system on the site, you will be sure that every component and detail is put in place by an experienced specialist who understands the issue from start to finish. Your distance from our office does not matter, since our employees are ready to travel to any region to carry out the assigned tasks.
Service and support
Service and support
We want our systems to work as long and as reliable as possible. Any machinery requires periodic inspection, cleaning or calibration. That's why we offer quality service and maintenance for your system. We have all the necessary skills and tools to ensure the longest possible and trouble-free operation of electronics, automatic equipment and pipelines of our systems. You can choose both regular maintenance of the system by our employees, and also nonrecurring calls of our technician in the event of a malfunction or other atypical situation.

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